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How we’re making innovation happen today

VR Goggles

Focus areas

Humanity-centered design.
Human centered design doesn't fully suit the human. Only when the context of humanity is taken into account, the quality of life of humans can improve. 


ION-T is an experimental research and design bureau in the broadest sense. We are specialized in the art of design. Whether we design an advanced electronic device, a service, a ticket booking system, a teapot, a brand or a feature film, to us it is the same. Almost everything you see around you is designed, almost nothing is simply natural. Of all the successful designed systems and products there is one thing at its core, it is the very same iterative design process in which the designer knows HOW to get to the right product, how to brainstorm, when to converge, when to diverge, what technologies to use, how to gather user information, how to place the product in societal context, how to choose a sensible art-style with understanding of history, how to make a system ergonomic, etc, and how to communicate with all the specialists from all the different disciplines in order to get that product right.


We work independently, in cooperation with, or on behalf of third parties. We can take on full scale projects or we can work on subdivided parts for you. is our visual communication brand.

Kaduk Musical Instruments is our dedicated brand for the development of musical instruments. Sorry Mum Film Productions is our film production company.

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How to work with us?

Solving your innovation challenges

And communicating it to the world

We believe that science can be the starting point for economic impact. We combine intellectual rigor with professional curiosity, revered history with immediate energy, and diverse capabilities with commercial focus to help organizations find technological solutions to complex challenges.

Working with ION-T means having a dedicated research partner that thinks laterally to solve problems. For every new project or partnership, we form a custom, multi-disciplinary team, full of ideas and expertise, so every client benefits from truly unique thinking.

While our focus is on creating technologies that improve the world, ION-T is a people business. Our innovators drive our approach to scientific creativity. Whether you’re an R&D director, science professional or ambitious startup, we can help you explore possibilities and embed new technologies at pace.



Licensable Technology Samples

Licensable Technology


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