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Lead Designer / Archipolytect

About my profession 

Professionally, among other things, I am a cinematographer, an industrial designer, an engineer, a producer and brand designer. In short: an archipolytect. An architect is the chief (archi) creator (tekt) of buildings. The architect is able to run a development process of a building from the early creative stages of gathering concepts and ideas to the final stages in overseeing the actual production of the building. In the world of cinema the architect would be the director and the producer. In the world of products, he would be the industrial designer and the project manager. In the field of events he would be the creative director and the festival producer. In most fields, other than architecture, the role of chief of creation is often a bit more complicated. Therefore the role of architect is usually subdivided into more roles. ​

However, I am both designer and producer and apart from that a knowledge-hungry engineer whose mind is continuously working to analyze vast amounts of new information in order to gain both a broad and a deep knowledge and understanding of many matters. I organize complexity, I seek clarity in everything and live my life unhindered by conventions or any status quo. I live in the world of feasible theoretical possibilities and I manage to implement those in reality. I use my awareness of artistic movements, historical and recent developments and mix it with the deep technical understanding of the matters at hand to generate new concepts that make sense. With great enthusiasm I organize multidisciplinary teams in order to bring my vision to life. Essentially I am designing the infrastructure to reshape the interaction with a world.​

I am very happy to have worked in most roles in the industries of industrial design, event production and cinema production. By working and experimenting I have acquired a broad practical experience which is the foundation underneath the ability to create innovation in a feasible way which makes sense in the real world. Now I feel extremely privileged to be in the position in which I can oversee and direct the work of the best specialists in their fields who together realize my visions and improve the outcome drastically from what was possible while relying on a single man’s (my own) engineering capabilities alone. I truly enjoy working with all the professional experts in the teams and I highly enjoy the power and the input of such a competent team as it brings much more impressive results.

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