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Technology, IT



An advanced transaction system with digital on location buffers for high security, high uptime guarantee and versatility. It was many years ahead of its time. One of the use cases was a contactless payment system for larger festivals. The terminals had to be cheap to build, easy to understand and easy to use, but beautiful. We designed the algorithms, the terminals, the product photography, the logo, the brand and the system architecture. We basically designed both the company and the technology. The company is sold and the technology is everywhere right now; you probably used it today.

We are able though to licence the advanced highly secure, high uptime database technology run on a web of openBSD machines. The system works both from a classic top down database architecture (postgresql) as well as a decentralized system which has some similarities to several modern day blockchain solutions. The architecture is built to show the greatest amount of resilience during any potential form of hacking attacks.

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